Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing a wood floor is a significant way to raise the worth of your living space. Refinishing the hardwood floors in your Westchester County house can create a huge effect on the appearance of your household. What to expect prior to, during, and after you've resolved to refinish your hardwood floors. Strong hardwood floors are produced from planks milled from a one parcel of timber. Generally, they need to be buffed every 35 years. Refinishing hardwood floors through this technique is not suggested for very damaged floors.

When the procedure is finished, newer finishes can be applied. If you comprehend the procedure, you can plan ahead. Our sand free procedure is just what you've been searching for if you are considering refinishing your hardwood floors in Washinton, DC.

When you have hardwood flooring underneath your carpeting, you're in luck. Methods use to specify the quantity of hardwood over the tongue and groove are much like pre 1900 different types. No wood stain or any coloring is put on the floor prior. Because of the simple fact that the wood itself will no longer impact the consequent color of the ground, any color wash might be utilized. This additional step is taken to make sure the wood was sufficiently smoothed down and that the grain was evened out. This way less wood is going to be lost in the procedure and it'll take less time!

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